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Did you know? The word of lifting

Did you know? The word of lifting

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Categories in the world of lifting:

Crane mobile lifting

Overall, lifting equipment includes two distinct categories (defined by the labour code):

  • Machines or hoists
  • Accessories
  • The “components” of lifting accessories

Hoists are the machines that perform the movement of lifting a load or transfer in the up position.

Handling cranes, mobile cranes or tower, forklifts and cranes can be found in this category…

The accessory are all mechanical devices that are not directly incorporated into the machine but that relays the action adapts to the nature of the load.

Can be found among these accessories hooks, slings, clamps, electromagnets, the rudder pedals…

«Components» lifting accessories together under the term interchangeable machine parts equip lifting accessories which contribute to the transmission of the efforts, such as the lifting eyes or shackles.

Levage Accessoires sells mainly the last two categories to enable you to succeed perfectly your lifting in all security and respecting the standards in force.

(Inspired by the wikipedia sources)

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